Keyword King

This is a full stack web application that helps app developers market their products by improving their app store optimisation (ASO). The idea is that in 60 seconds, they can get a report identifying their underperforming keywords. It's live and available to try at the URL below. There's also a technical writeup about the project here.

HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Node.js, Hapi.js, D3.js,MongoDB, Mandrill API, Git, Github, Heroku.

Google Analytics API App

This app makes use of Google Apps Script. It's a tool for anybody who uses Google Analytics extensively. GA is great if you know the right questions to ask it. But what if GA could process the data and tell you useful things automatically without needing to be asked? This first version keeps answering the simple question, "on this day, was anything out of the ordinary with my site?" I will make it available for others to use on their own GA accounts soon.

Javascript, Google Apps Script, Google Analytics API.

Aubert Guitars

I used Jekyll, the static site generator, to make a website for my Dad's luthier and guitar repair business. Most customers find us via their smartphones, so I went for a mobile-first design with click-to-call functionality. It also makes use of a gallery javascript plugin called Photoswipe.js, as well as the Google Maps widget. I used Pure.css as a lightweight replacement for Bootstrap. It has a modular approach so I was able to pull in only what was needed - in this case the grid system and tables.

HTML5, CSS3, Pure.css, JS, reponsive design, Jekyll, Photoshop.